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Airbrush Tattoos Toronto

Airbrush  Toronto

What are airbrushed temporary tattoos?
An airbrush tattoo is a design or image, that is applied onto the skin of a person by an artist using an artistic tool called an airbrush, (that is connected to an electrical powered air compressor that provides air to the airbrush to spray with) which sprays the temporary design onto the skin using special paints / makeups / inks, that are designed to be safe and durable on the skin. Temporary tattoos can last anywhere from juts a few hours to over a week, in ideal conditions, but removes entirely and immediately with the remover specified by the brand. Most temporary airbrushed tattoos have a low tack adhesive stencil which is stuck into place and then the colors sprayed on. Airbrushed tattoos take as little as 1 minute to complete and as long as a whole day if it’s something spectacular and magnificent.

Airbrush Tattoos Toronto

Airbrush Tattoos

Why airbrushing tattoos?
For pleasure:
If you are having either a small or large party then having an airbrush tattoo artist present really adds a enjoyable aspect to it, for a number of good reasons, such as:  that it makes it much easier for strangers to initiate conversation among one another, secondly, people love free things, especially if they are unique free things. Airbrush tattooing is quality visual family entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds and the guests will marvel at exhibited talent of airbrush tattoos, is another reason. It sure seems that almost everyone is taking selfies these days and the airbrush tattooed guests will either selfie alone or together with their friends, which makes the temp tattoos instrumental in making mundane moments, memorable.

Don’t have a costume idea for Purim yet!? Get an airbrushed tattoo like the Mike Tyson tattoo.

Did Halloween arrive and you didn’t prepare for it? No problem, get an airbrushed tattoo like the Mike Tyson tattoo!

Maybe you are going to an event and you want to either humor or trick others with realistic looking airbrushed tattoos? Bald guys love getting the word HAIR airbrushed tattooed on the crown of their heads, for jokes.

Perhaps you are getting a real tattoo and you would like to see what it looks like on your body for a few days? Getting an airbrushed tattoo is literally the best thing you can do to simulate what your real intended tattoo will look like and whether or not you want it on your body for the rest of your life.

For business:
Imagine your brand temporarily tattooed onto hundreds of guests, many of whom will take photos (selfies) of


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Airbrushing Tattoos Terms & Conditions

  1. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date and the time, which can be paid online via Paypal, Interac or in person.
    25% of the deposit is used immediately to purchase your event’s supplies and is non-refundable.
  2. The difference in payment is due upon setup at your event.
  3. We require 72 hours cancelation notice, otherwise payment in full is due.
  4. All custom stencils are $50 per stencil. Duplicate stencils are $25 each after the first one has been made.
  5. As we are located in downtown Toronto, an additional travel fee will be applied for any events located outside the City of Toronto.