Halloween Bodypainting

What is bodypainting?

Warner Brothers Canada

Warner Brothers Canada

Bodypainting is the action of applying a temporary paint (Can also be referred to as a makeup) onto any part of the human body but on the head and especially the face, because painting the face and on the head fall into the realms of ‘facepainting’ and ‘makeup’ exclusively.

The paints that are used can be very temporary, by using water based paints that wear off from friction, water abuse and excessive sweating, or the alcohol based paints that can last for days on the skin, but remove entirely and immediately with alcohol, baby oil or lathered soap. Bodypainting can also be blended with special effects makeups, clothing, latex, and costumes, to create almost seamless looks, which can be used for a multitude of both business and pleasurable purposes.

Is bodypainting safe? What are the risks?

The Thing. Cosplay

Ben Grimm – Thing. Cosplay Bodypainting

Only top quality, brand name water-based face paints, and alcohol based paints are used, that are applied with professional quality brushes and sponges, which are all soaked in 99.9% rubbing alcohol.

Everyone is asked about having allergies and skin sensitivities, and from my experience over two decades is that most people know if they allergies or not and to what, but there some that don’t know, enough to warrant being asked and a patch test.


Why bodypainting?

Bodypainting For Pleasure:
A well rendered bodypainting that makes you look quite fantastic will enable you to feel a whole new amazing life experience, really. Humans like gimmicks and illusions in general, and a well rendered bodypainting does just that, it fools peoples eyes and intrigues them, and what was a rather mundane moment suddenly becomes a memorable and tremendously enjoyable life experience.

On many occasions, my bodypaintings have been so impressive, so striking and so interesting that when the bodypainted person/s entered into clubs and parties, the result was that they stolen everyone elses thunder and lightening, many winning contests, all of them feeling like a rockstar.




Bodypainting For business:

bodypainting by Joshua of Airbrush Toronto


Bodypainting is a extremely effective means of advertising and branding. People have seen the same old medias over and over ad nauseum, whereas a bodypainted person is still fresh and intriguing. Bodypainted art naturally elicits a lot of attention in stark contrast to clothing and costumes, which has been done since time immemorial. Nobody will take a selfie with a billboard or a magazine ad or a flyer, but everyone will get their selfie with an awesomely rendered bodypainted person and lets not forget to mention if the bodypainted brand ambassador is also a performer, actor, or dancer, that adds a whole new level of amazing.


My services

  • Bodypainting of any kind of theme, for any kind of event and situation.
  • Custom stencils – Logos and phrasing can and often times, should be cut into stencils so that they can be rendered accurately and cleanly as well as exactly if they are being repreoduced on more than one person.
  • Casting:  models, actors, clowns, dances and other kinds of performers.
  • Providing additional artists.
  • Sourcing top tier photographers and videographers.
  • Concept art and storyboarding.


What are my bodypainting qualifications?

Deadpool bodypainting

Deadpool bodypainting

I have been solicited for my airbrushing and artistry skills in a professional capacity since I was fourteen years old, over thirty years ago. I began doing makeup related work around 2004, with Halloween time airbrush makeups and airbrush tattooing, which grew in scope year after year thereafter.

In the last fifteen years, the who’s who of brand names have hired me to do their bodypainting projects, such as Warner Brothers for The Watchmen promotions, the True Blood promotions, and The Green Lantern promotions, and as an assistant on Mad Max:Fury Road promotions,  Converse Shoes, Redpath Sugar, FUZE, Jagermeister, CORUS Entertainment for Q107 radio, to name a few.





Terms & Conditions, Details & Caveats:

  • Spiderman Venom Bodypainting

    Spiderman Venom Bodypainting

    My hourly rate is CAD$150 per hour, with exceptions.

  • Registered charities receive a huge 50% discount and only pay $75 per hour.
  • I require 50% deposit to book / confirm a date and time, without exception. Fixed date deposits are non refundable because I will lose work denying that time to other potential business and I buy supplies for your project with that money.
  • The difference of payment will be paid no later than 7 days after the event.
  • I require a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice.
  • I do not have a work studio at this time. My service is only mobile-centric, meaning I come to you.
  • All of my makeups are expensive, hypo-allergenic and brand name.
  • All of my equipment is regularly soaked in 99% rubbing alcohol.
  • I offer: traditional brush and sponge and or airbrush bodypainting, traditional brush and sponge and or airbrush facepainting, FX makeup, airbrush tattooing and alternative fashion makeup entertainment services.
  • Any workspace provided by the client must be well lit, have electrical outlets, ventilated and safe.
  • Custom stencils can be made to order. Each stencil is $50 minimum per stencil.
  • Additional artists can be sourced.