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Airbrush Toronto - models

Airbrush Toronto – models

If you want to work with me please read below; I care too much about my career and my time to indulge other peoples nonsense:

1/ I do not need portfolio photos, however I will do TFP projects if the project meets my needs.

2/ I operate an escort free workplace meaning that you must leave your escort (boyfriend, BFF, husband whatever) at the door. No exceptions.

3/ I operate a cell phone free workplace for my staff, meaning that from the moment that you begin to work for me until you are done, your cell phone is OFF. If I see staff of mine chatting or texting during work after I have made this clear, I will fire them on the spot and they will not be paid.

4/ I operate a cigarette free workplace, meaning no smoking or smoke breaks until work is over. I hate the smell and so does my clients. If you smoke after I have made this clear, I will fire you on the spot and you will not be paid. Smoke on your own time.

5/ I operate a drug and alcohol free workplace, meaning you must show up to work bright eyed and sober and alert and finish your work being totally sober. If a client offers you a drink, or two, you will be declining on professional grounds. Do whatever you want on your own time, just do not show up to my time all hungover or raccoon eyed.

6/ My philosophy on tardiness is such: if you value working for me aka value my time, then you will arrive to work early. It is that simple. If you are late then it tells me that you value whatever it was that you were doing that made you late more than working with me.