Nov 112014

It was a blessed-busy Halloween for me this year, which had me doing makeups starting five days before Halloween and finishing on November first. This year I painted Mexican Dia De La Muerte Sugar Skulls, DC Comics character: The Flash, The Joker, and Deadpool together with facepainter Amy Hollis.

DC COMICS Deadpool and The Joker


Jan 092014

Airbrush Toronto Make-up Options

By Joshua Mayhem

I offer a wide array of artistic make-up services that range from airbrushing bubble gum style temporary tattoos on kids to doing realistic horror makeup for indie films, to bodypainting stunning professional servers for a five star event. Almost every client’s project is different than the last client’s project, which requires tailor made make-up options suited to each client’s needs. Often times I can suggest original ideas and nifty options to clients that they had not thought of before.

I offer 5 paint-makeup options:

1/ Water Based Bodypaint Makeups

Water based makeups are either brushed or airbrushed on and cum off with soap and water and lots of loving.

2/ Airbrushed Tattoo Inks

The second option is airbrushed tattoo ink which last up to 5 days, but removes with rubbing alcohol or baby oil, and it will hold up to all the loving that you and others can give it and more.

3/ Liquid Latex

Latex is unlike any other rubber. Latex is unique since it is a natural polymer derived from tree sap. As a natural polymer, it uses water as its base solvent. It is one of the few rubber compounds that is non-toxic in a liquid and solid state. Latex has the best memory of any rubber, that is, the ability to return to its original shape without permanent distortion. Latex is also the most sensitive of rubbers, being readily damaged by oils of any kind, by ozone, and UV light. Latex is the stretchiest rubber, easily stretching form 400 to 1000% of its resting length. It can also be remarkably strong than most, even when quite thin. Latex is easily colored, and is naturally translucent (except when colored black or white). This translucency has been a major factor in using latex compounds as an art medium. Another important factor is that latex shrinks 3-4% when it cures. That shrinkage has to be taken into account when sizing anything made from latex. When it cures, the latex molecules polymerize by forming bonds between sulfur molecules. These bonds continue to form over several months, progressively hardening the latex.

4/ Edible Bodypaints

Taking art to the edible level: edible bodypaints are fun to use, sexy, and tasty. There are many brands and types of edible paints on the market, some are chocolate based while others are all sugar, flavors and coloring. Edible paints are not cheap to buy and they do not come in a wide variety of colors to use. **

5/ Hybrid water/alcohol Makeups

They are the most durable longest lasting makeup that removes easily on the market. These makeups are expensive.

Sep 132013

Bodypainted Superheroes

This is a collection of just some of the people that I have bodypainted and facepainted as superheroes from both the Marvel and DC comics worlds over the years.

A variety of make-up materials are available for makeup from water based bodypaints which remove with soap and water to water-proof bodypaints that are water resistant, from grease paints which is what mega rock band KISS uses for example, to liquid latex. A bodypainted superhero makeup or full costume takes anywhere from one hour to six hours to complete, depending on all sorts of factors.

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Mar 062011

Halloween Costume Facepainting Makeup Toronto

#halloween #halloweenfacepainting #halloweencostume #makeup #horrormakeup #toronto

Halloween is a tremendously fun holiday time for both young and old alike of all backgrounds. Everyone likes to get dressed up as their favorite characters and to let loose and have a good time. Facepainting is a popular service for Halloween because so many people need their faces painted to match their costumes.

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Mar 012010

Halloween Face Painting In Toronto

#halloween #halloweenfacepainting #halloweencostume #makeup #horrormakeup

Halloween is a tremendously fun holiday time for both young and old alike of all backgrounds. Everyone likes to get dressed up as their favorite characters and to let loose and have a good time. Facepainting is a popular service for Halloween because so many people need their faces painted to match their costumes.

Spiderman Venom Facepainting

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Mar 012009

Toronto FacepaintingToronto Face Painting

Face painting is a fun activity for people of all ages and all backgrounds to enjoy, whether they themselves are getting painted or watching someone else be transformed into something. Facepainting is not just an activity for children, kids parties and Halloween costumes, there are many other occasions and many other reasons to get painted or to incorporate facepainting into the day’s events throughout the year besides kids parties and Halloween, like getting your city or country’s colors painted on for an event, or getting your favorite team’s colors for a big game, or maybe your favorite band’s name or some cool art painted on for a party.

Face painting is great fun for parties of all types, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, horror theme events, festivals, fundraising, pay per face events, concerts, corporate promotions, event pre-parties, sports parties, corporate events, specialty events, theater productions, entertainment productions, television and movies.

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Jan 012009

Promotional Bodypainting In Toronto

By Joshua Mayhem

#aibrush, #airbrushtoronto, #airbrushart, #toronto, #Canada

Professional bodypainting artistry for individuals, students, small businesses, models, photographers, nightclubs, television, movies, theater, productions, promotions, charities and corporations. I have many years of bodypainting experience painting for every kind of client, for every kind of event.

I have painted superheroes and vampires for Warner Brothers, promotional models for Remy martin and Absolut Vodka, actors for Actra events and commercials and movies, models for a business pitch to the Dragons Den on TV, MC’s for hosting events, and many, many other accomplishments.

  • I only use brand name paint/make-ups designed for the skin.
  • I have a variety of paint/make-up options for every kind of event and situation, from water based make-ups to grease paints to alcohol based paints, and even liquid latex. Of course I have glitter and bling!
  • I can provide traditional make-up artists, hair stylists, models, actors, performers and servers.
  • I can paint your company’s logo/s.
  • I can do quick  special FX makeups.

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