Custom Stencils

Stencils save time.

Good stencils save time and make money.

We custom cut art & crafts related stencils, for any kind of event or type of function.

We can often accommodate next day rush and sometimes same day panic orders.

We currently offer two types of materials, non adhesive mylar, and low-tack adhesive vinyl.

Our maximum stencil size is 7 inches x 10 inches.

Both the mylar and the vinyl stencils can be use for applying makeups, airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos, and many other uses.

  • Each stencil (layer) is $50
    (Does not include shipping, handling, and or graphic production work)
  • Any additional stencil/s are $50 each.
    50% deposit is required. The difference in payment is due upon the order’s completion, before shipping / pickup.


  • Some designs have to be adjusted to have “bridges” so that the stencil is strong and will not come apart easily.
  • Some designs cannot be rendered accurately with only one (positive or negative) stencil and therefore may require multiple stencils (layers), with each separate layer incurring a stencil cutting charge.
custom stencils Toronto

Hand cut custom stencil – Toronto