Toronto Argos Facepainting

Toronto Argos Facepainting

What is Facepainting:
Facepainting is the action of applying a temporary paint-makeup onto a human face, if not on the entire head, whether it is a small design on the cheek or the entire head is painted from front to back, it’s all facepainting.

One can paint as little as a body part as the entire canvas or use the entire human body as the canvas, there are no real rules when it comes to the design and to the composition. The makeup-paint can be very temporary by using water based makeups-paints, which wear off from factors like friction, water abuse and excessive sweating, or the makeups-paints can last for days on the skin, but remove entirely and immediately with lathered soap, by using the durable makeups-paints.

Is facepainting safe? What are the risks?
Only top quality, brand name water-based face paints, and alcohol based paints are used, that are applied with professional quality brushes and sponges, which are all soaked in 99.9% rubbing alcohol.

Everyone is asked about allergies and skin sensitivities, because most people know if they have them or not, but some don’t know.


Tracey Erin Smith - Giraffe facepaintingby Joshua

Tracey Erin Smith

Why Facepainting?
For pleasure:
Getting your face painted is very relaxing process that feels pleasant when having it done by my associates and I, and it will give you a lot of joy when you marvel at how good and different you look when you look in the mirror. People around you will treat you like a bit of a rockstar, which is always a cool experience.  Having your face painted is a good way for strangers to interact with you, and solves the issues of shyness, and having nothing to do.

Don’t have a costume idea for Halloween or Purim yet!? Get painted tattoo like the Mike Tyson tattoo, or Two-Face from Batman, or like a zombie!

Going to a masquerade party? Get one painted on and stand out!

For business:
Facepainting is an exceptional marketing, promotional and entertainment solution for your brand. People love watching face painting done which makes it appropriate or parties.


My services

Facepainting for theater events, productions, commercials, movies, corporate promotions, brand ambassadors, actors, performers, bar staff and extras in movies.


What are my bodypainting qualifications?




Terms & Condition, Details & Caveats

  1. We stock 2 types of bodypainting makeups: alcohol based ones which are sweat proof, friction proof and waterproof, and water based ones which will remove with water, heavy sweating and heavy friction.
  2. All of the products that we use are all professional quality cosmetic grade brand names.
  3. All of our brushes and sponges are soaked in 99% alcohol. All of our airbrushes are washed in 99% alcohol.
  4. As we are located in downtown Toronto, an additional travel fee will be applied for any events located outside the City of Toronto.
  5. Additional professional artists can be sourced.
  6. If you require painting over garments, props and items to blend with the bodypainting then it it is important for you to be aware that to do that, that requires a completely different type of paint, airbrush, brushes, drying time and there is an additional charge for this.