Two types of bodypainting makeups are available:

  1. Alcohol based ones which are sweat proof, friction proof and waterproof.
  2. water based ones which will remove with water, heavy sweating and heavy friction.
    All of the products that we use are all professional quality cosmetic grade brand names.
    All of our brushes and sponges are soaked in 99% alcohol. All of our airbrushes are washed in 99% alcohol.
    As we are located in downtown Toronto, an additional travel fee will be applied for any events located outside the City of Toronto.
    Additional bodypainting artists can be sourced.
    If you require painting over garments, props and items to blend with the bodypainting then it it is important for you to be aware that to do that, that requires a completely different type of paint, airbrush, brushes, drying time and there is an additional charge for this.
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