Painting On Footwear LIVE

Airbrushing Shoes, boots, footwear…

Painting on footwear live in front of your guests at an event or party is a thrilling and memorable experience. People love to have their names on their personal items for a variety of practical and personal style reasons, and an airbrush artist can personalize all sort of items on the spot. Shoe companies and other entities, like to give away pairs of shoes to their party guests and other important peoples, and airbrush artists can stylize them and personalize them live, in front of the guests. Painting designs can be themed for holidays and events.

One artist with one assistant is enough for small parties, but at least two artists and one assistant are necessary for medium sized parties and events, and at least three artists and three assistants for large parties and events.

CAD$300.00 per hour per artist (Within the City of Toronto)
CAD$20.00 per hour per assistant (Within the City of Toronto)

  • Client supplies footwear. We do not provide footwear.
  • Client provides electricity, sun and rain cover, chairs, and tables.
  • Additional artists can be sourced with enough time.
  • Custom stencils for branding, logos and phrases can be custom cut.
    CAD$50 per stencil.
  • Painting entertainment options:
  • 1. painting with oil based paint markers,
  • 2. airbrush painting with airbrush enamels.
    Choose one of the two painting methods.

Custom painted runners for MTV commercials

Painting On Footwear To Order

  • Client supplies footwear. We do not provide footwear.
  • 7-14 days for completion.
  • Long distance orders are possible.
  • CAD$500.00 per pair
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