Custom stencils can be cut for your needs in a variety of materials such as: felt, cardboard, carton, construction paper, mylar, acetate.

We require a minimum of three to seven days to complete each order.
RUSH orders (within 72 hours) incur panic rush billing rates.

Each stencil is $50, not including any graphic design charges incurred.
Each duplicate stencil is $25.

Any graphic design work that is required to prepare the image is billed at the following rates: CAD$150 per hour or CAD$3.00 per minute.

Canadian Leaf Stencil (Before)
Canadian Leaf Stencil (After)

Suicide Girls Henna Glitter Airbrush Stencil (used)

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Suicide Girls Henna Glitter Airbrush Stencil (used) Mylar. Non-adhesive.

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