Textile Airbrushing

We can airbrush art onto items in front of your guests at your event.  We have years of experience airbrushing onto a wide variety of items such as: baseball helmets, t-shirts, trucker hats, towels, jackets, and even onto pumpkins for Halloween related events.

Our main paints are brand name, non-odiferous, non-toxic, textile acrylics that are colorfast and UV resistant, which can be permanent when heatset.

We are not a retail outlet so we do NOT stock textiles at all; we do not have hats, we do not have t-shirts, nor do we have helmets for you to purchase or your party, nor do we know where you can get them. May we recommend using Google.

We can provide additional artists if needed. Each artist requires at least one assistant.

We require low humidity environment that has electricity, air ventilation, moderate lighting,  and protection from the weather, if required.

Each artist arrives with an easel, an easel light, airbrushes, paints, stencils, airbrush equipment, and an air compressor. We do not stock tables and if tables are needed, then they must be ordered and clearly specified. We have hundreds of designs to choose from, which can be displayed according to either theme, holiday or color; custom designs / stencils are an extra service which we can accomodate if given the right circumstances and time.

The volume of items that each artist can paint in one hour is impossible to estimate without knowing what design the artist is painting exactly or knowing what kind of item that the artists is painting onto, however the standard airbrushy design takes approximately five minutes to paint per shirt or hat, which does not include the drying time, so twelve per hour.