What Is Bodypainting

Bodypainting is the action of applying a temporary paint (Can also be referred to as a makeup) onto any part of the human body but on the head and especially the face, because painting the face and on the head fall into the realms of ‘facepainting’ and ‘makeup’ exclusively. The paints that are used can […]


A lot of things happen in my life that I do not share with any of my fans because there hasn’t been an appropriate online forum to share them to, until now. I have a page on the website ONLY FANS, where I will post all of the interesting things in my life that I would never post anywhere else. Use this link to sign up! (I get a small commission if you do) https://onlyfans.com/joshuamayhem?ref=733831

Airbrush Toronto News

Airbrush Toronto News Welcome to the new and improved website. It has been a while since it was updated it and it was bout time for it.  I do not enjoy doing website work anymore and have avoided it as much as I could in the last few years, but bills have to be paid […]