20+ Years of Airbrush Tattooing Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Professional airbrush tattooing artistry for both individuals and groups, for all types of private, public and corporate sized events, and for parties, festivals, conventions, promotions, theatre, movies, clubs and more. We also cut custom stencils. We have glitter tattoos, and more!

I was sub-contracted for this by Frank www.airbrushing4u.com

Who we are:

Joshua offers a mobile artistic painting entertainment service for the City of Toronto, and sometimes York region, East York, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

Joshua has hundreds of designs to choose from. The selection of airbrush tattoo designs can be suited to themed events, such as St. Patricks Day, Dia De La Muerte, Christmas, or Hannnukah. The airbrush tattoos may last up to seven days on the skin, if cared for, or they remove instantly and entirely with rubbing alcohol, oils, shampoos, and lathered soaps. The durability of the temporary tattoos depends on many care factors that are outside of the artist’s control. Add baby powder onto the temporary tattoo and rub it in, to add durability to the temporary tattoo. Custom stencils for logos and branding can be cut to order. Realistic faux tattoos can be created to order for videos, theatres, film productions.

Health and safety:

  • All equipment is washed and or soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol before and after every use.
  • Single use cotton wipes are used.
  • Our temporary tattoo paints/inks are industry standard alcohol-based, bright, safe and durable. They usually last a few days due to people’s lifestyles, however they can last up to 7 days if cared for really well. They remove instantly with alcohols, some creams, some lotions, oils, soaps, and shampoos. They last longer if talc or baby powder is rubbed into them.
  • The artist almost always asks person getting painted about whether they have any allergies or not, and or will do a quick patch test on their wrists. It always best to not risk painting anybody that has any kind of skin conditions, so you may want to ask all of the guests if they have anything that can prevent them from getting a temporary tattoo and let the artist know.
  • Our equipment is NOT latex free.

About payment:

A 50% deposit is required to book the artist for the date and the time, and the difference will be due when the artist/s arrive and setup. The date and time is NOT reserved until the deposit is received in full. The deposit is non refundable within 72 hours of the event.
Payment can be by cash, e-transfer for individuals.
Payment by small businesses can be cash, e-transfer, or by Credit Card invoicing.
The 50% difference in payment is due upon the artist’s arrival and setup.

How to prepare for having an airbrush temporary tattoo artist:

Each artist requires a covered, well lit, well ventilated, table-space are of at least 3ft x 2.5ft per artist, with at least two chairs per artis and an electrical outlet within 5 feet (2 meters) of each artist.
We have temporary tattoo designs compiled for guests to choose from in poster form which requires a space to hang them on, and in book form, which can be rested on the table for guests to peruse through.

How much $$$:

CAD$250 for the first hour, per artist.
CAD $225 for every additional hour per artist.