Hello and welcome. My name is Joshua, and I am an experienced professional-artist located in Toronto, Canada. I grew up in Toronto, and I attended the esteemed 5 year art program at Central Technical School, in the Nineteen-Eighties. Airbrushing wasn’t taught in school so I had to master it in my spare time and it wasn’t too long after beginning to learn that I began to get work airbrushing things for peoples. Soon enough I was making a living from airbrushing and so by graduation time, I didn’t see the need to go to more school.

Since those early days I have gone on to work for the who’s-who of corporate Canada either as a service provider as well as a contractor of a event or PR company. I now offer more artistic services to people and to companies that are not strictly airbrushing such as oil marker art onto water bottles and other solid surfaced items, for example.

Thank you.

Joshua Andrews
Toronto, Canada

Dr Manhattan. Warner Brothers VIP . Montreal
Green Lantern. Warner Brothers VIP. Montreal.
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